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Many Thanks for your interest.

If you have a general query then please either call +447549590430, send me a text, email, whatsapp or Facebook Message and we will aim to respond within 1 working day.

For emergency callouts please ring +447549590430 at any time to arrange this.

Please Note that all out of hours calls are sent to voicemail but will be replied to promptly, this is due to the high volume of calls received out of hours that are actually requiring Domestic Locksmiths or non-emergency callers wanting a quotation for a car key at 3AM. Rest assured that I will respond to you if you leave a voicemail.

If you require a Domestic Locksmith I have added a link to my fathers business on the right hand side of the page.

Alternatively we can also be contacted via Whatsapp on the same number, email on or facebook.

If you call us please have the following information available at the time of call to ensure we can offer you the most efficient service possible:

  • Vehicle Make, Model and Year
  • Vehicle Numberplate
  • Location (if you are unsure please give as detailed a description as possible, using landmarks such as shop names or similar to ensure we can find you)

We will aim to either provide you an estimate on the phone call or if we need to check our van stock/suppliers then we would aim to call you back promptly.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section contain the most commonly asked questions and are worth checking if you have any queries.


We have disabled the contact form as have been having an issue where the form accepts the submissions but doesn’t send them onto me, so the user thinks its been submitted and that they are being snubbed when in fact the entry has not been sent to me from the webpage (during testing it works perfectly every time). This may be reinstated later but given its intermittent reliability im not risking it for now. 

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