Frequently Asked Questions

Many Thanks for your interest, to assist you we have compiled the most commonly asked Questions and have Answered them below:

  1. I don’t have my V5C Form with me/in the vehicle to prove the vehicle belongs to me, are you unable to assist me? As a private company we don’t have access to the DVLA records so will use two methods to ensure you are the owner. We will first get a copy a government issued form of photo ID from such as your drivers licence/passport.  Additionally we will ask you to confirm the items in your glovebox/boot to confirm this is your vehicle as only the owner can confirm this.
  2. What Payment Methods are accepted?
    We carry a mobile Card Payment Terminal and Credit/Debit Card is the preferred method of payment, Cash can also be accepted. For trade customers only we will accept business cheques. Please do not be offended that the keys will not be passed to you until payment has been made. Payment in full on completion is required.
  3. My keys are locked inside my vehicle and I cannot get to them? Do you have another set of keys to the vehicle that you can get access to? If not then we would need to know are they in the passenger cabin or the boot? If in the boot how do you open the boot normally, ie is the a button on the remote/in the cabin or is there a lock on the boot that you use? Can the boot be accessed from the cabin?
  4. My lock hasn’t been working properly for a while and today I tried to open the car but the key snapped in the lock? Ideally if you had contacted us prior to breaking this we may have been able to service the lock to restore normal operation, but not to worry we will be able to remove the broken key, then repair/replace the lock and then manufacture a new key if required.
  5. I have lost one of my keys somewhere and am now worried someone will steal my car? We would always recommend reporting lost keys to the police in case they have been handed in.   Firstly we would ask is there anything on the keys that identifies which car this belongs to or where you live that may make this easy for a car thief? (This also will help you determine the urgency of the resolution.) If not then it may be worth us simply reprogramming the car so that the car will not start with that key, this will also disable the remote control so if they check every car park by pressing the buttons it will not help them. Note that doing this it will not stop them using the key to gain entry to your vehicle, but it is significantly cheaper than changing the locks and may be adequate for your peace of mind. If on the other hand there is personally identifiable information or you wish to have the locks replaced this can be done also. If you currently have flip keys then please have these with you and dependent on the best option we may reprogram the remotes and simply replace the key blade. Does your insurance cover lost/stolen keys? If so please contact them and if you provide them with our details we will provide them a quote and we will then arrange to attend this.
  6. I have bought a car with only one key and am worried about losing/have lost my key? (Regardless of the cost for getting a spare key made it is much cheaper than if you lose all keys and have to get me out to make a key to start your car) If you still have the key then we will duplicate it and program in another key for you, we will need to know the vehicle details and have both the vehicle and the key that you have to do this. Typically this does not take long to do. If you have lost your key and now have no keys for the vehicle then FAQ 5 may be relevant to you. We can gain entry to your vehicle and then make a new key to operate it, on certain vehicles we must make a minimum of 2 keys, but if you only had one to begin with we would always recommend making at least 2. Note that if you are buying a car from a dealer it is worth asking them at time of purchase to supply it with 2 keys, you may be able to get them to include this or offer a deal to include this. 
  7. I have lost all keys for my Toyota/Lexus vehicle, what can be done?  If you have lost all keys for these this can be a disaster as a brand dealer will quote between £1500-£2000 to resolve this as they have to replace all the locks, ECU and other parts in order to add new keys. The reason for this high price is that both Toyota and Lexus use a master key immobiliser system, meaning that in order to add keys you need a working key. We will be cheaper than this as what we would do is take a part of the immobiliser out to read with our computer and then would program in a new key into the car, now the car would start with the key we make and if a remote key will also operate the locks/alarm. The same is true for the keyless versions of these vehicles.
  8. I would like a key for my Mercedes Fob style key?  From September 2020 (awaiting delivery of equipment) we will be able to offer fob keys for both keyless and slot key mercedes vehicles. The exact model and year coverage will be confirmed once the programmers are delivered, but it is expected to be most models upto 2014. 
  9. I have a Volvo and would like a key made for it?  There is very little I can offer with Volvo vehicles. I can gain entry to them and if you have a working key I can copy the keys to produce non-remote keys for them. But if you want remote keys or have lost all keys then unfortunately this is going to be a dealer job as Volvo have tight control over the supply chain and you can only obtain remote keys direct from them and using their specific programming tools. 
  10. I have a Pre-2011 Ford Ranger and would like a Key made for it? Due to the great difficulty in obtaining chips for these and the substantial cost and the difficulty programming the Rangers prior to 2011 I will not quote for works on them, id recommend the dealer for these.
  11. Where can I view your websites Cookies Policy/Privacy Policy as I accidentally clicked accept? The Cookies Policy can be found by clicking here. The website doesn’t currently nor is it planned to ever take payments online through it so the most confidential information that should ever be available from the website (should it be compromised) would be contact details if you send them in via the online form. The website itself has a number of protections behind the scenes and uses SSL encryption (as shown by the padlock symbol and use of HTTPS), you can verify the status of our certificate either by clicking the Comodo Secure logo at the top right of the menus or by clicking in your browser on the padlock in the address bar.